LIFE | Creeping on your dogs sleeping is normal, right?

You know how in stories there’s sometimes that guy that stands over a sleeping girl and just watches her, undoubtedly a creep, and everyone freaks out about how wrong it is (though it is often claimed to be romantic)?

Well, I’m that guy. And my dogs are the girl.

Wait, what? Why do you like watching your dogs sleep?

There’s just something so cute about catching my dogs asleep! I think it’s the innocence and vulnerability of seeing them with their guards down that tugs at my heart strings. In those moments I just want to scoop them up and protect them from all of the evils in the world.

When they were younger that were always so alert and up to something (usually no good), so it seemed like I never actually got to notice how precious they could be while passed out. But now that we’re all older and appreciate our sleep so much more, I often get to spy on them in many adorable sleeping positions.  You’ll often find me in these moments moving very slowly towards my dogs so I can snap a photo without waking them up. (I take my creeping very seriously.)

Here is just a (very) small portion of the many photos I have taken of my dogs sleeping over the past few months. For those who are new to my world, the images on top are of Mad, my Alaskan Malamute who isn’t the brightest dog and sometimes boogers, and the bottom are of Tasha, my Chow-Retriever mix who is the defiant and independent HBIC of the household.

Photo of sleeping dog: Mad the Alaskan Malamute Photo of sleeping dog: Mad the Alaskan Malamute Photo of sleeping dog: Tasha the Chow-Collie-Retriever mix Photo of sleeping dog: Tasha the Chow-Collie-Retriever mix

See, aren’t they just adorable? How can one look at those photos of my dogs sleeping and not fall in love?

I mean, surely it’s no more creepy than a mother watching her baby, right? And the dogs don’t seem to mind too much… as long as I don’t wake them up.

Are you sure you don’t creepily watch people sleep, too?

Yes and no? How do I answer this without sounding like a weirdo? I do watch Dave sleep occasionally, but not out of some romantic wish to creep over him 24/7. My spying on his sleeping is only ever a result of us being a long-distance couple and him leaving his Skype on when he goes to bed five hours earlier than myself. (That’s not to say I haven’t screen-shotted an image or two of him sleeping to send him the next day, but only because sometimes he sleeps in some very weird positions and I always have to ask “WTF?”) If we were in the same time zone/bed, I wouldn’t bother with it because I’d be too busy sleeping myself.

Plus, as I’ve explained to Dave, watching people sleep is a totally different experience. Oftentimes they drool, they pick wedgies, they fling their bodies around. It’s just not as cute. I’ll admit I’m a sleeper creeper when it comes to my dogs, but c’mon, I have standards.

Let’s Chat

Anyone else a sleeper creeper, whether it’s for pets or humans? Let me know! Or, if you just find that this is another “reason I shouldn’t have a slumber party with Asti”, you can share that as well! 

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17 thoughts on “LIFE | Creeping on your dogs sleeping is normal, right?

  1. LOL. The title made me burst out laughing. And no, I don’t watch people sleep. I belong to the camp that think it’s creepy. But when it comes to animals, there’s just that peacefulness about them that I envy when they sleep. Plus, you’re right, they do look cute. Especially bunnies! Haha.


    1. I’m glad I could make you laugh. 😉 My titles probably aren’t the best thing for SEO but meh, I like how nicely they sum up my posts. There’ll never be nicely catchy titles like “Five reasons taking pictures of your pets sleeping is okay” here. XP

      And yes for making an exception to sleeping creeping when it comes to animals. Dogs are obviously my go to because I live with them, but I’m pretty sure any animal could be just as cute. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a bunny sleep in person but I just googled images to remind myself what it looks like and yes, so cute and cuddly. ❤


  2. [I *tried* to post this comment from my phone, 14 hours ago, but it was forcing me to login to and I couldn’t remember my password. Arrrgh!]

    I can relate! I have a gazillion photos of my cat sleeping, but none of my husband. Usually because I’m sleeping too, or don’t want to risk waking him you, or — like you said — people just aren’t usually cute while sleeping.

    I love the one of Mad reading between his paws, and Tasha with her tongue out lol! See, if a human had their tongue out while sleeping, it would just be weird, right? Not cute. O_O


    1. Aw, sorry you couldn’t comment using your phone. *shakes fist at WP*

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes tons of photos of their pets sleeping. Do you have to creep up on your cat to take them too? That’s one of my favorite things. Dogs are so sensitive to sound/movement that I usually have to take five minutes slowly inching my way towards them to get a good photo and then I feel like this ultimate level of success when I get the pic. I’d assume with cats it’s a little different? That even if they see you coming they just go right back to sleep because they can’t be bothered? XP

      Haha yes, human sleeping with tongue out would be really weird. Especially because it just makes me think of playing dead as a kid. And obviously that would be accompanied with a lot of a drool which is not so pleasant. I’m pretty sure if I dated someone who actually slept like that I would make them wear a face mask to sleep. Does that make me a bad person? Haha. I just don’t want their mouth to dry out!

      Also, thanks for the drawing love. ❤ These illustrations were done a couple months ago so some of my stylistic choices have changed since then, but I do definitely think there's always an element of me snuck in there. Plus they always make me laugh so even if they suck they make me happy ;D


  3. ALSO, I love your drawings SO MUCH. I think they’re so freaking good and *Asti* and adorable and cute and funny and perfect. Also, I like your stylistic choices, such as Dave’s heart boxers, and how you always leave your hair uncolored. ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Hahaha, I love your posts! And your drawings. I don’t intentionally creep on people sleeping, but as someone who’s terrible at sleeping, I guess I end up being awake a lot when other people are sleeping. My grandpa used to fall asleep sitting up, sometimes mid-sentence and in the most uncomfortable places, and I’ve recently noticed that my dad has started doing it, too, LOL. I also have plenty of pictures of my aunt’s cats sleeping. Mostly because that’s all they do. xD


    1. Thanks Maraia ❤ It is definitely easier to take pictures of animals sleeping when that's all they do. I think that's part of my fascination with it now. Before both dogs were always on alert so the second I moved they'd snap to attention. Now that they're both up there in age though I get to witness them in all their slumber glory. It's too much fun.

      That's funny about your grandpa falling asleep mid-sentence (and now your dad)! Do you worry that the same will happen to you once your older? haha. Every once in a while I'll spot my dad passed out on the couch but he's a pretty light sleeper and will usually wake up right away when I enter the room (which is good, really, he's definitely not as cute as my dogs :P)


  5. Oh, Asti. You make me laugh. Mad and Tasha are so cute when they’re asleep. I’d like a guide of the creeping on pets skills, please, because they often wake up as I try to sneak up on them. I, too, take pictures of the cats when they’re asleep, because cuteness. I admit that you’re skills are very admirable. *Applauds*


    1. Well, I honestly think step one of my pet creeping skills would be wait until they’re at least 12 years old, lol. When my dogs were younger I was never able to creep on them successfully because they were pretty much always on alert; the second I would go to make a movement they would snap to attention. Now that they’re seniors though they fall into much deeper sleeps so it’s easier. I actually usually end up taking like 20 pictures when I catch them like this: one for every inch I get closer to them, haha.

      I would think cats would be a bit easier because they tend not to care what’s going on as much as dogs! Though I guess they might care enough not to want their picture taken. Those evil cats. ;P


  6. Ohhhh my goodness. The dogs are ADORABLE when they sleep (&, I would wager a guess, pretty much all the time)! I completely sympathise with the creeper struggle… I’d say at least 80% of my Instagram photos are of my dog sleeping, mostly because that’s the only time he actually stays still enough for me to snap a picture, haha. As always, the drawings are beautiful & hilarious – I’m not sure if this is at all on the schedule for atypicalnarrative, but I’d love a to read (or watch on video) a lil walkthrough of the way you draw, if you are so inclined! Thank you so much for sharing ❤


    1. I’m not going to lie, I looked up your Instagram just now because I was convinced I must not be following you since you claimed at least 80% of your Instagram photos are your dog sleeping. Lies! I only see a handful and the most recent one was in December (and he was awake)! You’re overdue, lady. Let’s share some more sleeper creeper dog love! haha.

      That’s funny that sleeping pictures are the best since it’s the only time he’s not moving. Do you have a tiny dog? My dogs are big and mellow so I can pretty much take a picture whenever I want, I just find they’re the cutest when sleeping 😉

      And hey, that’s not something I’ve thought about (talking about/recording a walkthrough of drawing)! It’s sort of funny because I like watching process videos for other artists, but for some reason I find it hard picturing doing it myself. Maybe it actually relates to the comment I just left on one of your posts – I am so used to looking for the “right” way of doing things. If I share my process, it might reveal its many flaws and not fit the conventional way of drawing, and that makes me insecure. But you know what, screw it, I’m definitely going to think of a way of doing this. Sometimes it’s good to make yourself uncomfortable; it helps you grow!

      Thanks Topaz <3<3

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, you’re looking at the wrong Instagram, love – that would be my public, but my personal is the one with all the dog photos! He is tiny, yappy, & constantly yelling… sleep is really the only time to catch him in a photo 😉 No pressure at all, if you are uncomfortable with sharing videos – but perhaps imperfection is only the most beautiful part of the artistic process no? I (& I’m sure all of your readers) would truly love to see how you grow with your art. xx


      2. Well I’m going to blame you then because I don’t think I know your personal one. 😝 (Sometimes I wonder if I should separate my Instagrams as they would probably do better if I did but mehhhh, seems like too much added work.) But yes, tiny dogs do seem to yap and yell a lot – it’s one of the reasons I’ve always preferred big dogs! (That and I always worry I accidentally crush a tiny dog if I had one. I’ve stepped on my friend’s wiener dog before because I’m just not used to having to pay attention to tiny things at my feet.)

        I do think I will make a video, but after Dave visits as my mind is currently absorbed by that. (SIX MORE DAYYSSSSS!!!) I should warn you though, I’m sure my video won’t be a calm process drawing video as most artists do. I can never seem to quiet my personality for such things 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Your dogs are SO CUTE!! Animals are so cute when they sleep. I love watching cats sleep. They flop around on their back and then you just can’t help but rub their bellies (My cat does this all the time lol). I definitely don’t blame you taking a million photos of your dogs when they’re sleeping haha.

    Watching people sleep is definitely a little different lol. Also I agree, people definitely aren’t as cute when they’re asleep ha.

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift


    1. I might be a little biased, but I agree: my dogs are SO CUTE!! ;D

      I definitely agree cats can be cute when sleeping too. Of course, my issue whenever I’ve housesat at my Aunt’s is that cats aren’t always very considerate when they see HUMANS sleeping! My aunt’s cat would constantly walk around my head while I was sleeping (which would wake me up every time). I think it just wanted to sleep next to me for my body warmth but I wasn’t about that life.

      I’ll probably have to get over my cat grievances at some point though because Dave does want one in the future. Eek! 😛


      1. Hahaha cats can definitely be annoying like that. I got used to shutting my door at night so the cat wouldn’t wake me up for food or to play lol.

        Ohh you’ll have to get a puppy AND a kitten at the same time so they can be best friends 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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