ART | Sorry friends, you all have big eyebrows now.

If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that in April I decided I would deviate away from my normal Vogue magazine drawings to attempt my hand at illustrating some friends (tweet proof below for you slackers who missed it, though I just noticed the grammar mistake in it so I guess I’m the real slacker for not proofreading before sending it out):

After posting this tweet, every couple of days I would pull out my sketchbook and attempt to draw a picture of someone who I talked to. It was my little attempt to show appreciation to some of my friends for being so great to me (definitely not all of them – if you don’t see yourself here it’s only because Dave visited in April and ruined my drawing mojo) and a way to challenge myself to move a little outside of my comfort zone. And today is the day I show those illustrations (and so find out if I have any friends left).

I know, that’s a bit dramatic. Surely I wouldn’t lose any friends over these illustrations? But I have to say, there has been a trend with the feedback for the ones I have shown so far (and this doesn’t include the Snapchat message from Kelley which mentioned a similar thing):

Whoops, I seem to have a thing for big eyebrows.

But hey, eyebrows have got a lot of attention lately, right? People draw them and feather them and all kinds of things. Surely my big eyebrow faces aren’t a bad thing? And it’s not like I just limit them to friends: I even draw myself with these big things (they’re so big they’re even visible through my bangs in my drawings).

Haha, oh well. It is what it is. And like it or not, I can’t promise you these big eyebrow drawings are changing anytime soon. So any friends out there I haven’t drawn, the warning remains: if you never want to be illustrated with some big eyebrows by yours truly, stop talking to me or remove all selfies from the internet. Otherwise, who knows when my motivation for another friend month will appear and whether you’ll be next. Muhahaha.

And now, the drawings featuring some of my favorite people on the Internet (along with a few little notes about why they’re so great):

Portrait of Kelley by Asti Stenning
Kelley: Crazy cat lady, co-blogger from my Oh, the Books! days, ampersand lover, tarot reader, creative, unique, and best friend
Portrait of Josephine from Word Revel by Asti Stenning
Joséphine: blogger at Made of Mint, reader, sporty, photographer, super smart, and needs to bake something and send it to me
Portrait of Inge from Of Wonderland by Asti Stenning
Inge: Blogger at Of Wonderland, Harry Potter and Disney fangirl, lover of sloths, advocate for mental health, writer, whimsical, supportive
Illustration of Maraia from Buechermonster by Asti Stenning
Maraia: Guest blogger at Büechermonster, Bookish Games devotee, patient, understanding, another fool who fell for international love
Illustration of Stacey from Pretty Books by Asti Stenning
Stacey: Blogger at Pretty Books, Tumblr all-star, traveler, caring, all around book person, one of the friends I miss the most from London
Illustration of Iris from Eat Train Read by Asti Stenning
Iris: Blogger at Eat Train Read, blogging buddy!!!, book lover, exercise addict, hardworking, inspiring, reliable, and fun
Illustration of Topaz from Six Impossible Things by Asti Stenning
Topaz: blogger at Six Impossible Things, poet, editor, actress, award-winner, peaceful, raw, magical, supportive, honest
Illustration of Asiya from Literary Head by Asti Stenning
Asiya: blogger at Literary Head, writer, sass enthusiast, sneaky, fun, unique, caring, confetti spreader
Illustration of Victoria by Asti Stenning
Victoria: An actual real-life friend, old co-worker, kid at heart, sunshine and patriotism, better at “girling” than I’ll ever be, a trooper
Illustration of Sian from Sian Blogs by Asti Stenning
Sian: Blogger at Sian Blogs, newest internet friend (whether she knows it or not), creator of A Film Club, explorer, inspiring, honest, brave

For more detailed explanations of why I chose each friend, follow me on Instagram! I’ll be sharing one a day for the next week or two, talking about why I appreciate each person so much, and encouraging you to check them out. All the love for all my friends!

Let’s Chat

There you have it! A small glimpse into some of my friends, why I love them, and their very big brows. If you see someone you don’t recognize, make sure to click the links in the captions to check out their twitter or blog. Also, how are we liking the attempts at putting more effort into photos and maybe doing flatlays? Yay or nay?

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9 thoughts on “ART | Sorry friends, you all have big eyebrows now.

  1. Omg, Asti, these are awesome! (Yes, we have big eyebrows, but at least you’re consistent?) Also, you made my hair look a lot nicer than it actually is. 😂 Did you base all of these off of single pictures or from your memory? I like how you set up the photos, too. I think flatlays are nice, but only if they’re not too much work for you.


    1. Yes, I’m actually happy the eyebrows are consistent because at least then when people point it out I can assure them it’s just part of my style. It’d be a little more awkward if I drew one person with big eyebrows and everyone else with tiny ones, then the truth about how big I think their eyebrows are would be revealed. 😝

      I did use images for all the drawings, yes, which was why I warned everyone remove selfies if they didn’t want to be drawn. I think I used a picture of you with your grandpa from Instagram as reference for yours? I have no idea how everyone would’ve turned out if I didn’t use references, but I’m pretty sure they would look nowhere near accurate, haha. (Not that these are accurate, but I feel like you can sort of tell who each person is.)

      Yeah, I’m not sure if I’ll go quite this far with flatlays for each photo, but we’ll see. These were a pain because initially I went around the house and grabbed props that I felt matched each person. But after finding multiple images for each person and dragging them upstairs to take pictures in natural light and setting them up and all the things – it was a bit much. That’s why some are colorful and have lots of props and others are a bit empty. (Well, that and I forgot while doing my flatlay that it’d make more sense for the image to be square so half the props are actually cropped out in the photos above, whoops.) The “flatlays” I’m doing for my #doodletimewithkaroline photos are pretty easy though. I literally just pull out a piece of scrapbook paper from my mom’s neglected collection and then use that with my pens and magazine references to fill the picture. Adds a little more interest to the photo without requiring too much work. (Thankfully!)


      1. Exactly!

        Ha, I thought that was the photo you used because of the color of my shirt. xD I can definitely recognize everyone I know, so I think they’re plenty accurate!

        Lol, yep, that’s exactly why I don’t do flatlays. It’s enough work dragging out all the books! I’m glad the IG ones are easier. 😊


  2. AHHH, I adore these?? To no end??? I have to say my favourite part of my drawing is that you included the lil feather details on my shirt — & also, I am rather partial to the little pops of colour in all of the drawings, because I think they so much to bring out the beauty in the rest of the black & white style. ❤ (Also, the fact that you included "award winner" in my description made me laugh so hard. I love it & you. 😉 )


    1. I’m actually impressed you recognized those feathers on your shirt because they’re a bit hard to see in the photo I posted. I did take close ups of each one that are a little clearer, but I’m not sure I would’ve recognized them. Though maybe it’s just because it was easy for you to determine which picture I used as reference 😉

      I’m glad to hear you like the pops of color! Now that I have markers I’m actually using a lot more color in my drawings (which I should be sharing by the end of the month!) but I do think I’ll eventually work my way back into pops of color like above. I tend to like when artists stick to certain color palettes because it helps make their work recognizable so I wouldn’t mind mine to be monochromatic with bursts of fun, but we’ll see what happens as I explore. Either way, thanks!

      And haha, duh, you should introduce yourself as “award winner” everywhere you go. It means you’re the best of the best, as far as I’m concerned. Everyone should be awed by your presence. ✨


  3. This post has stood open in my browser the past few days! I kept wanting to reply, but kept forgetting… whoops) BUT HERE IT IS!
    I said it before, but I’ll say it again, I love this! And LOVE that my little Fury is in there as well (even though he interrupts our blogging sessions every now and then).


    1. Uh oh, do we need to extend our blogging buddy sessions so we can include commenting too? Because I’ve been just as bad at that lately, haha.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the drawing! It’s much more nerve-wracking to draw people you actually know because you know they’ll see them and you want to show them in the best light, but it seems apart from the big eyebrows comments everyone has enjoyed them. Phew!


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