LIFE | I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

Remember in my last post when I mentioned that I planned on sharing my complaints about living in the UK because it’s too fun to complain not to? I wasn’t lying. It’s only been three days since that last post and I’m already ready to throw out my first complaint:

I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

London is often portrayed as a place of grey skies and moderate temperatures. Sure, there are usually a few days of sunshine and occasionally it’ll snow, but for the most part it’s just sort of blegh. (And I think most Brits like it that way because it gives them an easy topic to complain about.)

Coming from a state where we get all four seasons, I was okay with the prospect of losing my white winters and hot summers. While I enjoy looking out the window when snow first hits the ground, it often becomes more of a chore than a wonder. And the sun? Her and I don’t get along too well. I hate the feeling of my skin cooking and the increased amount of sweat that comes with higher temps. I just don’t like it.

So just imagine my joy and wonder when I finally move to the UK and suddenly it’s a freaking HEAT WAVE!

Yup, according to the UK news outlets, since June 22nd the UK has been home to a heat wave. Sure, there’s been about two blessed days of rain to break it up, but for the most part it’s just been weeks upon weeks of heat and sun and one cranky Asti.

Now I know it’s not that hot. For the most part temperatures haven’t been going above the high eighties, which is nothing like the 100+ degree temperatures that some countries get. But this is not a competition for who lives in the hottest part of the world. It’s a competition for who whines the most when they are betrayed by the country they move to with an unexpected heat wave and I am the frontrunner.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the UK was equipped to handle such weather, but as this heat is not the normal they definitely aren’t adequately prepared. Back home in Indiana, summers get hotter but there’s air conditioning everywhere. The walk from car park to store might be grueling, but after those fifteen seconds are up you are met by blessed air conditioning and all is good. Here? It’s like hitting the lottery when you stumble upon a train or store with air conditioning. For the most part every one is just cooking. (I honestly do not know how people survive the Underground or traveling in packed trains during peak hours in this heat. It’s the one reason I’m happy I haven’t found a job yet.)

As if the lack of air conditioning wasn’t bad enough, the room Dave and I live in is on top of a hill with a whole wall of windows that gets direct sunlight from noon onwards. In other words, we live in an oven. It doesn’t matter if we open the windows or keep the curtains closed, in here we just cook and cook and cook. It’s so bad that even though we finally live in the same country and can share a bed because we’re married (his parents made him sleep on the couch downstairs when I lived here before), Dave sleeps on the floor most nights.

All this to say while I’m happy to finally be living with my husband, I’m really looking forward to the day Britain becomes its stereotypical grey self and this heat wave ends. I’m so over being covered in layers of sweat and being intimate with an array of fans that do nothing more than throw hot air in my direction. Some people have lived such lives since they were born so can handle it well enough, but it seems I’m a spoiled moany git.

Send me cool weather or send me help. I beg of you.

Let’s Chat

Are you dealing with a heat wave where you live? How are you handling it? Do you love the hot, sunny days or do you prefer cooler temperatures like myself?  Let me know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “LIFE | I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

  1. It’s awful. Most years we get a few hot days, but nothing like this. Those couple of rainy days were bliss, but now I’m back to sitting in front of a fan all day. I’m so glad I don’t have to go out in it, I’d just be a puddle…


    1. That’s what everyone keeps saying! I arrive and suddenly we have an unnatural summer. I’m really hoping it’s just one of those odd years that’s slightly off and that this isn’t the new normal. England’s going to have to adapt otherwise! (Or just make us continually suffer… 😓)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m in the same boat as you. Minus the fan. But you’re absolutely right. The weather itself might be worse in Michigan/Indiana, but it FEELS worse here.

    Also, I had no idea that you weren’t allowed to share a bed with Dave before. oO


    1. Seriously girl, if I ever visit you and have an income, I’m buying you a fan. I don’t know how you survive without one. I’m literally sat in front of one right now.

      And yeah, Dave’s mum is super religious. Since we were not married, that whole eight months I actually lived with his family during my studies he had to sleep downstairs on the couch every night while I slept on his bed. There was one night where I was REALLY depressed and falling apart that they let him sleep on the floor in the doorway to the room, but that’s it. It was so silly. I could maybe understand if we were still teens or something, but we were definitely in our 20s and had progressed into a serious relationship what with me MOVING COUNTRIES to be with him. Ah well, just another one of those outdated silly religious things I’ll never understand. 🤷🏻‍♀️


      1. We tried to buy one when we got back, but Amazon is completely sold out!! So yeah, no fan for us.

        I knew they were religious, but somehow I didn’t think about that part. That’s…extreme. I know it’s their house, their rules, but you’re adults! And it’s not like ever actually stops people from having sex. 😂


  3. Yep, I would be absolutely MISERABLE, because there’s no escape! When Chris and I went to San Diego in July, the weather was glorious – as long as I want in direct sunlight. We went to Balboa Park and explored, but it got so hot that we kept looking for cool building to escape into, and it was hard to find! I don’t even think the welcome center had air conditioning! So yeah, I feel your pain and I’m so sorry. I hope this heat wave is over soon!


    1. There’s nothing worse than looking for relief and not having any clue where to find it in this heat! Dave and I went with Pete and Emily one weekend and standing in the queues for the rides was the absolute worst. I had an umbrella in my purse though so even though it didn’t stop us from being hot, I put it up so at least it would give us some form of protection from the sun. That’s actually the one thing I’m proud of, neither Dave or I have gotten any sort of sunburn this summer even though it’s been nonstop for the past two months. Go us! (Especially Dave since his ginger genes are quite sensitive to the sun.)


  4. I was really enjoying the sun and the heat, especially at the beach, but now I’m getting over it pretty fast… I spent this weekend at the park at the end of my road, and the grass looks dead. It’s all fun and games until you realise literally nothing can handle this heat here…

    I’m really glad we have air con at work, I would be dying otherwise! But this heat wave has been insane! Usually it’s one maybe two weeks of this, and then it’s back to rain, so I reckon this is a freak summer and next summer it will be back to the typical British summer lol. For your sake, I hope the temperature drops sooner rather than later!

    P.S. I’m loving the new drawings! Can’t wait to see more!


    1. You could definitely tell you were enjoying the sun at the beach! Not only were you so happy in your photos, you were also DARK. Did you get massively burnt or just tan? (Sometimes it’s hard to tell in photos.)

      You’re not lying about the dead grass. It’s everywhere. I don’t think I (or the grass) would mind it as much if we had a couple more breaks with rain in between all the sun, but those have been mostly rare. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed you’re not wrong about this just being a freak summer. I’m not sure I’ll be able to survive the rest of my life here otherwise unless I can convince Dave to buy us some sort of AC.

      And thanks! I’ve definitely been having fun with my drawings since I got my new iPad. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes them 😉


  5. Oh my! Yesss! I’m suffering here too. I’m pretty much living in a pair of shorts and tshirt with the fan on full blast everyday. This heat is crazy, I gotta have at least 2 cool showers a day just to keep at a normal temperature ha ha. My top tip is go swimming if you can, that’s a great way to feel cool and refreshed.

    Saying that, I quite like the heat. So long as I’m relaxing on a beach somewhere with a book in my hand and a cool drink. Trying to do normal day-to-day things in it is a bit of a pain and I just wanna sleep all day. Let’s hope we all stop melting soon.

    Great post Asti. Really enjoyed your rant, it’s nice to know we feel the same! Thank you for sharing 💖 xx

    Bexa |


    1. I actually haven’t been swimming yet this summer, which is quite the shame! I do think we’re planning a trip to the beach this weekend though so that’ll be nice. Of course, now it’s slightly cooler so probably won’t feel as refreshing as before but that’s okay with me.

      My biggest problem is I get bored at beaches or swimming pools. I’m not the greatest swimmer and I don’t like laying out in the sun, so I get restless pretty easy. I tried to see if there were any nearby water parks when I moved over but they don’t seem to be as big of a thing over here as they are back in the States. Understandable I guess since the UK typically doesn’t have such hot summers, but boy do I miss them.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my heat rant! The slightly cooler temps today have made me much happier. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if this was a freak summer and the typical British weather will return next year or if this is what’s to be excited from all UK summers in the foreseeable future. Eek! x


  6. Considering I live in Australia…I am VERY used to summers of 40+ degrees (Celsius) and horrible levels of humidity because I’m also in the tropics. So I kind of laugh when the Europeans complain about the heatwave…but omg then it hit me?! Like I didn’t consider how you DON’T have air cons or houses built to cope with heat. 😳So I’m totally feeling for you all so much right now. Arghgh. Like I don’t mind summer, but I HATE being so miserably hot with no way to cool down. It is super wretched. I so so hope you get you grey skies back soon.😭😭

    (And I also prefer the cold actually haha. I can only sleep when the temperatures are low so I spend like 8 months of the year in hyper insomnia here in Oz. 😂)


    1. Thank you for your understanding! I definitely wouldn’t complain nearly as much if we had air conditioning. Instead we’re just cooped up in this tiny room in a brick house that gets direct sunlight from the afternoon onwards… it’s like living in an oven! I would rather live somewhere like Australia where the temperatures are hotter but the people are better prepared. Are you accepting more immigrants? (Haha, jk, I had to work hard enough to get over here!)


  7. I think the funniest thing for me will be watching you incorporate British slang as you live there. Seriously, though, why is there no AC? That’s kind of odd. When I was living in Egypt, AC’s were considered a luxury because most middle-class people didn’t afford them. We had fans. But, that was it. I think that has changed over there (I haven’t been there in 18 years) so my knowledge is very limited.
    In the more pressing news: I missed reading your blog and seeing your lovely drawings. Good to have you back, friend.


    1. Haha, did I incorporate British slang into this post? Oh, that “spoiled moany git” part. I definitely wouldn’t say that back in the States. Yeah, definitely expect to see such British nonsense now that I live here. I’ve even been attempting to change my spelling of some words (organise vs organize, color vs colour) and the slang is starting to creep in. I usually know I’m doing it but sometimes I’m surprised when one slips in naturally.

      I guess most summers here aren’t that hot? To be far, after I wrote that post it FINALLY cooled down over here so we’ve been resting in the 60’s and 70’s the past couple of weeks which I love. I can handle that no problem. (Maybe I should complain more often, if it results in suddenly getting my way!) I do think it’s a shame ACs can be such a luxury item in some countries. I struggle enough as a mostly healthy young adult, I can only imagine how hard it is for the sick or elderly when it gets that bad and they can’t afford AC. Blegh.

      Aw, thanks Dina! I actually have finally gotten to the point where I’m scheduling posts ahead instead of just trying to write them up the day of so hopefully that means I’m here to stay! I’m glad you’re still around. Your support has always meant a lot to me. Hugs ❤


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