ART | A move towards the bright and bold

I am a part of GESSO, a small online community for bloggers who create, and as a member I have chosen to take part in the Gesso: Primed Creatives Blogging Challenge. This year-long challenge requires you to complete a list of blog prompts of your choosing and I’m aiming for the Silver Award which requires one contribution per week but will more realistically achieve the Bronze Award.

19: Latest work 1. Update us on your latest work.

As this is my first “latest work” post, I thought it would be nice to reflect on my recent work from the past three months as a whole. By presenting my pieces over that length of time, it’s easier to highlight what my focuses were while creating and pinpoint the obvious changes that took place as the months progressed.

I hope you find it as interesting as I do!

A focus on on storytelling

As mentioned during my reflection on my digital art adventures, I tried exploring different types of content when I first ventured into creating on my iPad Pro but didn’t really feel comfortable until I returned to illustrating moments from my life. As a result, all of the illustrations I created in July and early August ended up being diary doodles.

The fun thing about my diary doodles is that even when it comes to just drawing myself, my focus can vary quite a bit. If you look back to December’s Diary Doodles you’ll see I was playing with different compositions to highlight what was going on in my life and my diary doodles in March made a slight turn towards comics.

My most recent batch of diary doodles has turned more towards a focus on storytelling. Instead of drawing multiple images to illustrate a memory or thought, I have tried to capture everything in just one illustration. This has resulted in me trying to play with more expressive poses, pulling in more details from the environment, and trying to determine what image would best communicate what I’m trying to say.

I can’t say every illustration has told a story as much as I wanted it to, but I think I’m taking a step in the right direction with my most recent illustrations and have been really enjoying this focus on telling a story with each illustration instead of just trying to draw to draw.

The other noticeable thing about my illustrations at this time is the colouring. I’m not sure what motivated me, but I decided early on to stick with a limited, muted colour palette. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I did because I think they look really nice when placed together. It helps with cohesiveness.

I also mostly scribbled in all the colouring, trying to focus more on the storytelling and less on my inability to colour effectively.

A move towards the bright and the bold

Halfway through August a big change took place within my work: I switched out my colour palette to a brighter, bolder set of colours. While they’re still predominantly primary colours, as before, they’re full force making them definitley harder to ignore. (They’re also solid now. Goodbye scribbles!)

The other fun change I’ve been exploring in relation to colour? Backgrounds! They were all just white before. And while at times I thought about doing something with my background, I was just too intimidated by the thought. Now though? Even if it’s just a solid colour, I’m finally starting to test things out to see how it goes.

What else? Well, if you’ve been following my art for a long time you’ll know that I ocassionally go through phases of drawing triangle cheeks, such as can be clearly seen on the illustrations from Let’s catch up: the sickness, marriage, death edition. I’m not sure why triangle cheeks appeal to me so much, but they definitely do, and it seems that with the return of Pumpking Spiced Lattes comes the return of triangle cheeks. What can I say?

There has also been a move to care less and less about anatomy in my illustrations lately. Noodle arms are everywhere! While I think they can detract from the illustrations at times (I sort of wish I tried harder for that wedding portrait at least, her arm is always the first thing my eye zooms in on), I rather do that than stress myself out over trying to get things just right.

Let’s Chat

What do you think about my latest work? Any favourites? Are you enjoying the brighter pops of colours or do you find it to be totally unexpected for me? And for other creatives, how has your work been changing lately? Are you happy with the change? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “ART | A move towards the bright and bold

  1. I had noticed the bolder colors and I like them! The backgrounds too! Somehow I feel like this gives your pieces a more glossy feel, like I imagine seeing them in a magazine or on the pages of a comic book. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I love these parts where you examine your recent work — it’s always so much fun to learn your motivations and see everything collected together.


    1. Thanks Kelley! When it comes to what I’d possibly like to do with my art, editorial illustrations or graphic novels are some of the top goals. So hearing that you think my newer work would look good in a magazine or comic book means I must be moving in the right direction. 🖤


  2. I like the bright colors! I actually didn’t notice the arm in the wedding portrait until you mentioned it, and now I can’t stop seeing it. 😂 I think l like the style of the first set but the colors and backgrounds of the second. But you know I think everything you do is great!


    1. Haha, isn’t it funny how once your alerted to something that’s all you can see? I guess from now on I should just never point out my flaws so then everyone can just pretend everything I do is amazing 🙈😂


  3. I clearly love ALL YOUR WORK SO MUCH. *unashamed fan over here* And they’re so expressive ajfdksald I love it. I think it’s also great how you try different things and palettes…like my little brain has absolutely zero percent clue how you do this, but I admire. 😌🎉


  4. I always love seeing your artwork pop up on my Instagram feed, Asti. It always makes me smile! You have such a brilliant talent and always tell a story with every picture. Your work is so expressive! It’s fascinating to see your style change over time, I really love the bright colours and the backgrounds. You have such a unique style, the noodle arms and triangle cheeks are adorable. I can just imagine these pictures on greetings cards, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw your work in a shop one day. Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing your illustration journey! Really enjoyed this post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


    1. Aw, thanks Bexa! I can doubt myself a lot when it comes to my illustrations so it is always nice to hear such kind words. Having my work featured in a shop is a definite dream. 🖤


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