LIFE | Lesson of the day: Every bathroom needs a locked door.

LIFE | Lesson of the day: Every bathroom needs a locked door.

Today I want to share a lesson I’ve learned since moving in with Dave and his family: Every bathroom needs a locked door.

I know, I know. That seems like common sense. But just in case you were thinking of moving into a house without, let me tell you from experience that it is not a good idea.

Up until last week, I lived in a house with no bathroom lock. And the only reason that changed was due to my multiple traumatic run-ins with other members of Dave’s family. Let me explain.

Dave’s house has one bathroom. This bathroom has no lock. It has a thin rectangular window above the door which is helpful in determining if the light is on, but that’s it. And it’s generally left shut even when no one is using it because they don’t want the bird to fly in there and shit everywhere or fly out one of the windows that are usually cracked open.

Since moving in, I’ve used four main indicators to determine whether or not it’s safe for me to enter the bathroom:

  1. Is the door open or shut? It’s typically shut, but if it’s open I can generally assume that it’s empty.
  2. Is the light on or off? If it’s on, someone is likely to be in there.
  3. Do I hear anything? Obviously if there’s water running then I should come back at a later time.
  4. Does anyone respond to my knock? If no one does, the coast should be clear.

Of course, things are never that easy though.

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LIFE | I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

LIFE | I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

Remember in my last post when I mentioned that I planned on sharing my complaints about living in the UK because it’s too fun to complain not to? I wasn’t lying. It’s only been three days since that last post and I’m already ready to throw out my first complaint:

I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

London is often portrayed as a place of grey skies and moderate temperatures. Sure, there are usually a few days of sunshine and occasionally it’ll snow, but for the most part it’s just sort of blegh. (And I think most Brits like it that way because it gives them an easy topic to complain about.)

Coming from a state where we get all four seasons, I was okay with the prospect of losing my white winters and hot summers. While I enjoy looking out the window when snow first hits the ground, it often becomes more of a chore than a wonder. And the sun? Her and I don’t get along too well. I hate the feeling of my skin cooking and the increased amount of sweat that comes with higher temps. I just don’t like it.

So just imagine my joy and wonder when I finally move to the UK and suddenly it’s a freaking HEAT WAVE!

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LIFE | March’s diary doodles: Dogs, family, and my visa application.

LIFE | March’s diary doodles: Dogs, family, and my visa application.

It’s been a while since my last collection of diary doodles (similarly titled December’s diary doodles: dogs, family, and Christmas) but here we are once again. A smattering of autobiographical images for your viewing pleasure.

For those who aren’t familiar with my diary doodles, they are the illustrations I make capturing moments in my life. You know, diaries in doodle form. They’re not always super exciting and are rarely as funny as I want them to be, but they’re special to me because they’re honest representations of my life.

And this month’s collection of diary doodles are especially interesting (in my opinion, at least) because not only do they capture what’s been going on life-wise for me, they also highlight some exploration I have done within my artwork. From dabbling in comic formats to varying line weights in my inking to exploring with shapes and color, things are a bit all over the place this month. I’d love to know what ones you like the most!

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ART | The cringe artwork I didn’t want to share with you.

ART | The cringe artwork I didn’t want to share with you.

For the most part, I have shared every single piece of artwork I have created since I launched this blog in March. Whether it’s the silly little doodles I make for my life posts, the fan art I create to complement books, tv shows, and movies discussions in my stories posts, or the random illustrations I feature in my art posts – it’s pretty much all there and, generally speaking, I love and am proud of it all. That being said, every artist – whether illustrator or poet or author or photographer – has moments where the work they create causes great cringe and there has been one set of illustrations I have hid from you all since I launched this blog because… yikes.

You see, when my blog launched in March, I got really excited about creating and sort of became obsessed with the desire to doodle all the time. I almost want to say in a way it became more about creating a certain quantity of illustrations for me rather than a certain quality because I knew my work would never be as good as anyone else’s and I just wanted to have a lot of it done so that I would never run out of things to share here.

And that’s fine! This is my blog and I can do what I want. But the same thing happened as I mentioned in my thoughts on participating in an Instagram challenge: I realized I don’t want to create just for the sake of creating. My enjoyment wavers and the end results can sometimes be a bit scary when that happens.

So today, in the sake of transparency and to assure any creatives out there that they are not alone in their bad days, I thought I would share a collection of illustrations that I originally refused to post on the blog because I disliked them so much.

Behold my cringe (Sports Illustrated 2017 Swimsuit edition)!

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ART | It’s okay to give up on an Instagram challenge.

ART | It’s okay to give up on an Instagram challenge.

If you’ve been involved in any Instagram community, you’ll know that there are usually multiple challenges running that you can participate in. For bookstagrammers there’s #grimdragon, for those with art journals there’s #ohjournaletc, for the art and lettering types there #dndchallenge – the list goes on and on.

These challenges are great for inspiring content and getting involved in communities, but they are what they claim to be: a challenge. And you know what I’ve decided? It’s okay to give up after you join one of these challenge. Really, as long as you gave it a go and took something away from the attempt, it’s not failing. You’re just succeeding in an unexpected way.

I’m not sure why that realization was so hard for me to learn, but it was.

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