ART | A move towards the bright and bold

ART | A move towards the bright and bold

I am a part of GESSO, a small online community for bloggers who create, and as a member I have chosen to take part in the Gesso: Primed Creatives Blogging Challenge. This year-long challenge requires you to complete a list of blog prompts of your choosing and I’m aiming for the Silver Award which requires one contribution per week but will more realistically achieve the Bronze Award.

19: Latest work 1. Update us on your latest work.

As this is my first “latest work” post, I thought it would be nice to reflect on my recent work from the past three months as a whole. By presenting my pieces over that length of time, it’s easier to highlight what my focuses were while creating and pinpoint the obvious changes that took place as the months progressed.

I hope you find it as interesting as I do!

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LIFE | A glimpse into my summer wardrobe, illustrated.

LIFE | A glimpse into my summer wardrobe, illustrated.

As fashion blogs are so popular on the internet, I thought today it’d be fun to talk about my personal style. Why? Well, unlike many girls who seem to have it together, who follow (or set) the trends and look as if they’ve stepped out of a magazine, I’m generally just a hot mess.

I mean, I don’t think I’m a hot mess; I wear what I like and what makes me feel good. But I’ve met many people over the years who have given me those backhanded compliments that have assured me I’m not doing it completely right. Things like:

  • When I would tell people I was going to study abroad in London, their response would be “Ah, that’s cool. Your style looks like it comes from somewhere else. You’d fit right in.” Um thanks? I appreciate being recognized as someone with a unique style, but are you telling me I don’t belong in the US based on my wardrobe? And really, how much do you really know about UK fashion?
  • Or when one of my old managers in retail would talk about a teammate’s great fashion sense in a conversation and I would reply asking her about mine, she would always just say that it was very “me” and “different”. I’m pretty sure it was her polite way of saying “You do you, but it’s not right.” Haha.

And really, the people from the above examples are right: I don’t necessarily dress to fit in and I do tend to have my own sense of style. But hey, isn’t that the beauty in fashion just as it’s the beauty in art? Sometimes the most interesting things come from people stepping out and finding their own style?

So, to celebrate my own unique fashion style and encourage others to do the same, I thought I’d share some summer OOTD drawings and talk about what you can expect to find me wearing if we ever meet.

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ART | Have I found my art style?

ART | Have I found my art style?

One of the hardest things about illustrating again is attempting to figure out my “style”. I try not to think too much about it because I believe in many ways obsessing about it can be counter-productive, but I would be lying if I said that part of me doesn’t want to be able to look at my work and see traces of consistency.

Of course, the funny thing is, oftentimes when I post my illustrations on the blog or on Instagram, my friends will respond and say “Your drawings are so you!” or “I can always recognize when one of your illustrations pops up in my feed.” How do they recognize my style when I don’t?

To me, the illustrations I posted in my last art update, were all over the place. Some had dark outlines, some had lines in their hair, some had (bad) coloring, etc. I mean, variation is great and I like each of those pieces for one reason or another, but to me it was still very obvious that I was just trying to get used to creating again.

I’m happy to say though that with this next batch of illustrations, I see a consistency and I really like the results. And it’s not even because most of my illustrations are modeled off of the same magazine photo shoot, though I’m sure that helps. I just see a connection here between each image where even though they contain different personalities and looks, they all represent a similar style.

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